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Some people I know believe in a pre-trib rapture, others a mid-trib rapture and still for others a post-trib rapture. Regardless of where you stand on the rapture…think of what the world will look like in the near future. Looking around at world today – its easy to see that the ‘church’ age is coming to an end. When that end comes – what will the world look like? What will your life look like?
As the world turns further away from God…the differences between Christians and the world will be glaring. Christians will be hated – even more than they are today and our beliefs and lifestyle itself will be seen as criminal. Think of your family, friends and co-workers who don’t know Jesus as their savior and how they will see you.
Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles ,cousins, sons and daughters…all seeing you as hateful….seeing you as the enemy. Even those in your church who are really Christians in name only will line up to turn you in for your crime of being a Christian. How will you respond?
I have heard some Christians say they will fight to the death to protect what is theirs – their family, their friends, their lifestyle. Still others say they will comply with the ruling authories to the best of their abilities – after all the authority is set up by God himself. There is another group however – that will fight, but without violence. They will stand on the Word of God and defy the ruling authorities…they will preach the Word, even when told to sit down and shut up.
This group of fighters will preach in prisons, on street corners, in bombed out buildings and yes even while waiting in line to be executed. Why? Why can’t they just be normal like everyone else? Why can’t they see how divisive they are being? While the world around them is cheering on the Christians deaths…the Christian is weeping because he sees hell itself swallowing the souls of those around him.
The Christians that stand up on God’s Word does so – so that not one person would be lost. The Christian that preaches, preaches so that the shackles holding their loved ones would fall off. Those standing in lines waiting to die – do so not because they want to die, but because their Savior died for them.
So while you are sitting in your car in that traffic jam….when you are sitting in your pew on Sunday or at the dinner table with family and friends – look around. However, this time look around with the eyes of Jesus…do they know Jesus as their savior? Do they stand ready to meet their Lord? Does your heart break right now for them….or are you simply contemplating your next trip…or attending another game. If thinking about the lost and dying souls around you doesn’t break your heart….what will?
Where will you be standing when the ‘church’ age comes to an end?

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