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I was reading in 1 Chronicles 21  about King David.  The Lord had told Israel NOT to do a census of the people, but King David decided it was time.  Joab one of  King Davids men tried to talk the king out it, but King David prevailed so most of Israel was numbered.  The Lord was not happy with David and sent the prophet Gad to tell David to choose his punishment.  Davids choices were 3 years of famine, 3 months of being at the mercy of his enemies, or 3 days of a plague across the land…David chose door number 3.

So a plague went through out Israel and killed 75,000 people – David prayed that God would spare them…since the people didn’t sin…but him alone.  Now the angel of the Lord was ready to strike Jerusalem…but God – being merciful told the angel to stop.   Now the Angel of the Lord was standing by the door of the threashing floor of Ornan….Ornan’s 4 sons saw the angel and ran and hid.  Ornan just looked at the angel and went back to threashing his wheat…say WHAT????  Here is  the hand of the Lord – ready to strike and Ornan just kind of shrugs his shoulders, says eh and goes back to life as usual.  I was dumb founded when I saw that…but the story goes on.

Then David was instructed to go to the threashing floor of Ornan and make offerings to God, so David set out for the threashing floor of Ornan. David arrived at Ornan’s threashing floor and Ornan ran out and bowed at David’s feet.  David offered to buy the floor from Ornan…but Ornan says NO – I will give it to you along with the animals needed for the sacrifice.  But David said he must pay for the floor because (now catch this)…David says I will not offer anything that costs me nothing.   Now David had wanted to go and worship at  Gibeon , but he was afraid of the Angel so he didn’t go.

Did you see what I saw just then?  Two different people faced with the same problem – the hand of the Lord was heavy on the land….ones reaction was repentance…the others was to basically ignore the problem and go about life as usual.  We are seeing that same thing across our land right now…God’s hedge of protection is lifting off of America because we have forsaken God and thrown Him out of our country and out of our lives.

Now there are some that see this happening and have turned to God and repented. However, there are countless others like Ornan who say “eh” and go about business as usual.  Most  are saying a loving God would never punish us. While that is true God is loving and merciful….but He is also just.  We have asked Him to leave our land….we have legislated Him out of our land….so He is leaving us to the life WE have chosen – with all its consequences.

Now the question becomes what will you do when the hand of the Lord comes against this land?  Will you stand in utter defiance and basically shrug at God and say eh?  Or will do you what King David did and repent? It cost David something to repent – remember David wouldn’t offer anything that cost Him nothing.  Maybe it will cost you a friend, maybe a job or you could end up in jail because of your faith.  Repentance may even cost you  your life. Knowing all that the question that remains is; are you willing to repent and though it cost you everything?


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