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Hi Again

Been awhile since I posted here….so here I am posting twice. ┬áThe first post was written on 9-11 and this one is just to say HI.


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I have been burdened for the lost recently. Today on September 11th that burden is even heavier.

For those who lived near any of the places attacked on 9-11, it was a day we won’t forget. There was pain etched on every face – no one was immune. Sometimes it felt like a chore just to breathe.

I am sure those in hurricane Katrina, hurricane Sandy and the numerous tornados and earthquakes that hit our country countless times feels the same way. The enormity of it threatens to swallow you.

But imagine a time in the not so distant future when all of a sudden something happens on a world wide scale…Christians all across the world are taken or raptured if you will. Pilots, policemen, soldiers, moms and dads, teachers, truckers, doctors all gone in the blink of an eye…what chaos will ensue. Remember how you felt on 9-11…now imagine that same feeling in every city, every town, in every house across the world on that day.

As Christians we look forward to the rapture, but what about those we leave behind? Those left behind won’t just be mourning the loss of their loved ones….they will be facing the worst 7 years ever known to mankind. So my question to you is how can we sit in our comfotable churches and our comfortable homes – while the world around us is dying?

Is it fear of others that keeps us quiet?? Political correctness maybe? What keeps us from telling everyone we meet about Jesus? This Jesus that loved us…loved them enough to die for our/their sins? Shouldn’t they know…shouldn’t they be told before its too late?

The time is short, the opportunities few and the window is closing….so what will you do?

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