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Spring is here

My the last couple weeks have been amazing…so warm!!  In fact its been so warm that our apple and cherry trees are budding – which isn’t necessarily a good thing since our last frost/freeze date is May 30th LOL   However, I know that the Lord has it timed out better than the weather men…oh SO MUCH BETTER!!

As promised – my husband finshed the chicken brooder and I have a picture.  This batch of baby chicks though isn’t doing well like last year.  Last year we did not lose one baby….but this year we have already lost 3 out of 10 : (  So needless to say we will be going back to our original store to purchase more.  We are however looking to get an incubator so that we can hatch our own birds.

Next week or early the following week we should be getting a few turkeys.  I am excited seeing the Lord help our farm grow!!  We are also looking to get some pigs, rabbits, sheep and goats, but as of yet we just have chickens : )

Today although the really warm temperatures are gone we were still able to sit out on the porch and throw some ginger bread to the our chickens.  It is a very relaxing way to spend the afternoon.  Oh if you notice the top of the brooder is doubling a place for us to start our seeds.  This picture doesn’t show all our plants, but I am happy to say we have quite the little garden going!!  Well I will post more later….please have a safe and blessed weekend.


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Snow and Sun

Well its been almost a month since our last post and a lot has changed on the farm here.  The beginning of March brought with it two big snow storms that dropped almost 30 inches in total….there was snow piled EVERYWHERE!!!  Then just as quickly the sun came out and it warmed up into the 60’s.

My what a change that brought with it…the warm temperatures caused our snow to melt rapidly – so rapidly infact that our basement flooded.  It took almost all day to get the basement dried out, but nothing was really damaged.  Then in the afternoon we got to sit out on our front porch in the sun for almost 2 hours – what a blessing that was.

Its been warmer than normal here and we love it and love to see the snow retreating…and our chickens love the nice fresh dirt to dig in.  However, the warmth has another draw back….our apple trees are already beginning to leaf – not good when we can still have hard freezes until the end of May.  But we know the Lord has it in his hands.

Dave and I spent a rainy day about a week ago sitting at the table planting some seeds.  Miracle of miracles….most have already started to sprout!!  Two that I am really surprised and happy to see are my dad’s pumpkin seeds.  My dad passed away in 2004 and he had these seeds sitting in a jar long before then….he really wanted them planted.  Well my mom sent them home with me and I can happily say we planted 2 seeds…and 2 seeds are up!!

Also since we last spoke we have added 10 new little chickens to our family.  This time we bought all Buff Orphingtons…and I am convinced one of them is a rooster – he sure doesn’t like when you put  your hand in their brooder.  Speaking of brooder – Dave is building a new brooder for the babies…and its coming along nicely – tomorrow he should have it finished up.  When he gets it finished I will post pictures of the brooder and of the new girls.

Until the next time….be blessed.

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