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Links I like

Here are some links to sites that I think are worth the visit.  They are invaluable resources and with all the information on the net these days – its nice to have a safe jumping off spot.


Shepherds Hill Homestead – a great information site…really worth the visit.  This family actually answers your questions and takes time out of their busy day to help you.  Won’t find a better sight if you are just starting in a more self-sufficient lifestyle.



Lehmans – If you are looking to simplify or maybe just something from the past…this is the store for you.  I have ordered many things from Lehmans and I have yet to be disappointed.  The staff is marvelous and will any questions you many have – what a great business to work with.



Augason Farms – They offer affordable ways to start storing food…if you haven’t thought of preparing, this might be a place to start looking.



Sustainable Seed Company – Heirloom seeds really are the way to go and this company has some great seeds.


Katies Mercantile – what a great place to get modest clothing, Kapps/Veils/Prayer Coverings….they are an awesome store, stop by and window shop for a bit.  If you need to call the store – a real live person answers, is very friendly and very helpful…what a sweet group of ladies.



Covered 4 Him – a head covering store run by a wonderful Godly lady….Highly, HIGHLY recommend.  I received a Veil covering from her and I have to say it is top quality…if you are interested in starting to cover…prayer fully consider stopping by this shop for your first of many veils.



The Kings Daughters – clothes made to order.  Are you tired of the way society wants you to dress immodestly?  Have you even thought about it at all?  Have you thought about how boys/men look at your daughters and how they are dressed.  If you are looking for modest clothing…that puts the focus back on whats in the girls hearts…instead of their bodies….this is a store for you.



Biblegateway – while you are searching the web – why not search the Word of God.  This site allows you to compare verses in different translations – it is a most helpful study tool.





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Sew Sew

OK….I have been battling with the Lord for over a year and half now on whether to cover my head or not.  Now I was not raised to cover my head unlike the Amish or Mennonite are….so I was confused when I began to feel the need to cover.  So I did what all sane people would do….I ignored the inclination and told myself that I was nuts.

However, the feeling that  I should cover my head did not go away, so I gave in and said OK God I will research it – lol  So I researched and read and re-read what everyone had to say on the subject, and I prayed about it and searched Gods word.  What finally settled it for me was a blog posting I read: http://shepherdshillhomestead.com/2011/07/23/headcoverings/

This helped me settle it in my spirit that this is something I should do…however I didn’t want to look foolish I mean I’m not Amish or Mennonite…so what do I do.  I decided to start wearing bandannas and that worked quite well.  But I found that there were some days I would cover and some days I wouldn’t.  On days I didn’t cover I felt heavy, burdened.  On the days I would cover I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to do.

So I was wearing bandanas, but wanted something more permanet.  Well as anyone who knows me can tell you….I can’t sew to save my life. Oh I can patch a hole or whip a hem in if I have to, but that is it. I had resolved that if I wanted something more permanent I would have to buy it…until the Lord opened my eyes.

I was scanning through the pages on Shepherd Hill Homestead and they had a step by step demonstration on how to sew a Kap. I looked at the directions and then I looked again – I almost did a back flip I actually understood the directions.  So the next day I got up and found some scrap material and began to cut and sew…when I was done I had a kap that fit.  Now it doesn’t look EXACTLY like their picture, but for a first try…I did OK.  Of course I now have bandages all over my hands from where I jabbed my self with needle….suffice it to say I look like a mummy with all the band aids – lol

I have included a picture of the final product and although like I said its not perfect…I can’t wait to get my hands on more material and try my hand at it again – AFTER all the wounds heal.  The Lord is good!

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Today is Valentine’s day and while some may be making reservations for dinner…I am cooking dinner in my wood cook stove. I have an antique Jungers Junior cook stove and its in great shape for the age of the stove. I love my wood cook stove and the little quirks that go with it. 

The first little quirk we noticed was that the stove wasn’t even close to air tight, but we just figure its added ventilation for the fire.  Also we have the added joy of an automatic oven door – the door will just drop open any ole time it chooses, so we have a steel bar propping the door shut.  One more quirk we noticed was that on really windy days…when the wind is coming from the right direction the wind will blow down the chimney and we get hit with a wall of smoke.  But those little quirks just make the stove all that much better – in our eyes anyway.

The battle we faced today with the wood cook stove was getting it going or rather keeping it going.  Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it) we slept really well and neither one of us got up to put wood in the stove….so this morning it was stone cold. 

It has been a battle getting it going…now a  little fire is great if I am cooking on the cook top, but I wanted to use the oven for tonight’s dinner….so that takes more work.  We finally got the oven to 350 degrees and I was able to get dinner going. Since its valentines day I have my husbands favorite meal in the oven …meatloaf, roasted potatoes and carrots and home made dinner rolls.  This will take awhile to cook since the heat in a wood cook stove isn’t as steady as it is with modern stoves.

Some may ask why I love my wood cook stove…I love it because it teaches us/me to slow down.  There is no cooking a meal quickly and you need to plan it out quite well so you can raise and lower the temperature as needed.  It also adds a warmth to the house that you can’t explain. 

Its those joys and more that make battling the wood stove all worth it.  As dinner is cooking I pull up a chair in front of the stove, pour myself some hot tea and read for a bit while the smell of fresh bread drifts in the air…not something you are inclined to do with your electric stove.

Well dinners just about ready…hope you are having a great valentine’s day, and that you appreciate the small joys that come your way.

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The End Of Days and Gods Valentine


The last few days I have been watching the news and expecting Jesus to return any second. The world is now seriously in what the bible would call ‘birth pains’ (Matthew 24:8) and from here on in it only looks to get worse. The weather conditions, the wars, the killings and the attacks on Israel are going to keep increasing until Jesus comes again.

Some are going to attribute the weather conditions to global warming, but rest assured this was talked about before any factory or car ever belched out any toxic fume. The bible talks about weather conditions in the end times and contrary to Hollywood – man will not be able to save itself from what is coming. There will be no legislation, no scientific genius or group to ride into rescue us – all we will have is speculation and biblical prophecy.

The Bible also says that we are to expect wars and rumors of wars – well we certainly have those. The last century or so has been filled with war and violence; even now I think it would be hard for us to even find a place that isn’t being touched by the hands of war. Legislators debate the ethics of war and the cost of war while young men and women die on the battle field and family and friends are left to bury the soldiers. Towns are ravaged by war and you can follow the processions of people that are left without home, father, mother, sister or brother. As much as we pray for peace and cry out for peace, peace will not come until the end.

As for the murders that scream into the headlines every other day – they have unfortunately become the norm. Right now – we are not shocked like we once were by killings in the malls, schools, workplaces and alleys of the country. Oh don’t get me wrong – we still stare with disbelief that something like this could happen, but just as quickly we forget and move onto some other mayhem that catches our attention. May the Lord help us get through what is coming, because without Him no one will stand.

Despite all the prophecies we have concerning the weather, wars and killings, none is more spoken of in prophecy than Israel. Right now it looks like Israel stands alone in this world, from the UN to Iran and Russia to even some here is the US – all want Israel to fall. Israel has had enemies plotting her down fall since God established it, but rest assured what God has established cannot be destroyed. Yes for a time Israel will feel like all hope has been lost and they have no savior, but when Jesus steps foot on the Mount of Olives Israel will know that Jesus is truly the Messiah they have been waiting and praying for.

The time is indeed short and Jesus will call from the clouds to gather His people together. Why you may ask would He do such a thing? He will take His people from this earth even those in the graves because of the judgements of God that are coming. I often wondered why even the bodies in the graves, but I believe now that God does not want any part of His people being touched by the corruption that will sweep across this world.

People believe that a loving God would never punish the world, but God is more than loving He is also just. If someone killed someone in your family and the person stood before the judge and he let him go with no punishment would you feel justice has been served – NO. It is the same with God, even though He loves us all – there has to be punishment given. But you don’t have to stand with those facing punishment – God paid the bail so to speak by sending His Son. Jesus died on a cross to save you and me from permanent separation from God.

Look and see how bad the world looks today – with Gods presence still in it and just imagine a place totally without God, no joy, no redemption, nothing but pain and suffering – that is a horrific punishment. To avoid that all you have to do is believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that Jesus died on a cross to save you, and that He also rose again from the dead and that He is with God in heaven now. God loves you so much that He gave His only son for you, to save you…what do you say to that kind of love? This love is yours to accept or reject, no one can make that decision for you.

As I read this now – I don’t so much see the gloom and doom, but rather I see hope. God sent Jesus to give us that hope and I pray that you share in that hope. With valentines here, remember that the greatest love you can experience is waiting for you. Call on the name of Jesus and accept Gods grace and forgiveness and see what living is really like.

May God Bless You!!!

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Winter on the farm

It has been quite a mild winter here, and I have to say the chickens have been loving it!!  Instead of being locked in the barn all winter – not a month has gone by where they have not been able to go out and enjoy themselves.

Today I had several of our chickens stop by and visit us on the porch.  I love being able to look out my dining room window and watch the chickens running around.  I am not the only one who enjoys watching them…our two cats perch on the window ledge and watch them from a safe distance too.

It was also laundry day here on the farm…and my wringer washing machine was gently swishing away.  I love my wringer washer…nothing cleans the clothes as well…its a labor of love.  Although it did reach 30 something out today I did not hang the clothes outside…I do have a small clothes line by our wood cookstove and I hang the clothes there.  We don’t not have a dryer and I don’t mind so much…we are working on going back to basics and using as little on the electric as we can.

We also have several oil lamps positioned strategically around the house.  I love the warm glow they give the rooms…I am looking to get a few hanging ones so that its easier to read by them, but until then…we do have our handy dandy trusty electric lamps : )

Well I will close this out for now…thanks for stopping by.  Be blessed!

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